The importance of pampering… 

It takes a strong body, a strong mind, and positive self-image to endure certain treatments and recovery. When a patient feels empowered, they wage a better fight. We pay close attention to a patient’s body image and spirit. We offer a wide range of services designed for those needing to feel empowered and loved. These services are not indulgences. They are necessities to give patients the strength they need to power through their different battles. The Pampered Escape helps manage changes to their skin, learn how to style a wig or scarf, and generally improve their self-image. The Pampered Escape was created to provide an experience which offers Veterans, Cancer Warriors and their Caregivers a unique variety of services to help them feel good, look vibrant, and stay healthy.

What is The Pampered Escape?

The Pampered Escape is an oasis where escape from stress is surreal and inevitably possible. We are devoted to bringing them back to balance with the products and services we provide. The Pampered Escape program is a free service program. This program is designed to provide Veterans, Cancer Warriors and their Caregiver(s) with a personalized pampering experience or escape.

The Pampered includes pampering such as special spa treatments, make-overs, and wardrobe assistance. Hair care is also a special treatment given to those that may be dealing with hair loss or at the stage of their hair growing back. We provide a wide variety of unique body, skin, and nail services to revitalize your mind, nourish your body, and enhance your well-being. Skin changes are often an unexpected challenge for patients. The estheticians have advanced training in skin care for patients who have undergone chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Specialized restoration treatments soothe skin head to toe. Massage and reflexology reduce tension and stress so patients can focus their energy on more positive things.